About HomeMed 

HomeMed is a part of BMedical Pty. Ltd.

The BMedical Group comprises of BMedical Pty. Ltd. and Homemed.

BMedical supplies diagnostic and treatment products for sleep disorders, fatigue research and industrial health throughout Australia and New Zealand. BMedical’s clients include all the leading sleep and circadian laboratories, fatigue and exercise researchers, emergency services, road transport operators, elite sports teams, universities in Australian and NZ.

Homemed is a web-based direct consumer e-store for the BMedical group offering a complete selection of products to aid in the treatment of sleep apnoea, snoring, insomnia, respiratory conditions such as asthma, migraine and nausea treatment across Australia and New Zealand.  Homemed also offers cost effective BMC CPAP Machines, BMC CPAP Masks, CPAP supplies backed by manufacturers warranty. 

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