What causes snoring?

What causes snoring?

10th Mar 2020

Snoring is caused by turbulent passages of air traveling over any structure in the snorer's mouth and throat such as the tongue, tonsils, or adenoids. This abnormal airflow causes vibrations in the uv … read more
Causes and Symptoms of Insomnia

Causes and Symptoms of Insomnia

7th May 2019

At some point, most people will suffer from the occasional sleepless night. But what happens when one sleepless night turns into two and two turns into four? Insomnia is a common sleep disorder charac … read more


4th Feb 2019

Snoring, that snorting or grunting sound we’ve all heard before, occurs when the muscles inside the throat relax during sleep. As air rushes over this relaxed tissue in the throat, it vibrates and … read more

Sleep Disorders

13th Jun 2018

Do you think you may be experiencing a sleep disorder? Signs of a sleep disorder can vary as much as the type of sleep disorders can. It can be hard to discern what exactly it is that’s keeping you up … read more

Popular Stop Snoring Devices

5th Sep 2017

According to the Vancouver Sleep and Breathing Center, 30 percent of people age 30 and older snore. Once you advance to 40 and over, that percentage rises another 10 percent. The average decibel le … read more