Popular Stop Snoring Devices

5th Sep 2017

According to the Vancouver Sleep and Breathing Center, 30 percent of people age 30 and older snore. Once you advance to 40 and over, that percentage rises another 10 percent. The average decibel le … read more

Chronic Insomnia

8th Aug 2016

Insomnia isn't always the same for everyone. Some may experience short bouts of insomnia as a result of temporary stress of environmental change that is disrupting their sleep hygiene. In such cases, … read more

Sleep Apnoea

12th Apr 2016

Sleep apnoea is a dangerous sleep disorder characterized by frequent cessation of breathing during sleep. In some people, this can occur more than 100 times a night and last as long as one minute. Par … read more

Sleep Phase Disorders

1st Mar 2016

Circadian Rhythm (Sleep Phase) DisorderThe term ‘sleep phase’ refers to the period of time spent asleep in a day. Although sleep varies from person to person, in general, most people have the sleep ph … read more

How To Stop Snoring Naturally

16th Jun 2015

When looking at how to stop snoring naturally, the options can be overwhelming. It's difficult to decide what snoring remedies are the best because not all solutions will work for everyone. Fortunatel … read more