How to find the right SleepWeaver Mask for you

How to find the right SleepWeaver Mask for you

29th May 2020

You may have researched and looked at PAP masks made of silicon, plastic, and cloth—finally settle on a skin friendly, all cloth CPAP mask. Now it is time to determine whether the skin friendly cloth CPAP mask is a good fit for you! Selecting a CPAP Mask can be challenging and overwhelming for any PAP therapy patient. In choosing a cloth CPAP mask, you have already addressed your need for comfort and skin friendly benefits. Possibly you are susceptible to irritation or skin injuries, which helped you determine that a cloth CPAP cushion was for you.

Skin-Friendly Cloth Masks

The SleepWeaver CPAP Masks from Circadiance are made entirely of cloth- a breathable fabric and are intended to be more comfortable to traditional gel or silicone CPAP masks. They are made of the same cloth used in ski clothing and are designed to fit all sizes of faces, including small facial features. The SleepWeaver Cloth CPAP masks come in small, regular, large sizes for adults and a smaller size for pediatric uses.

These cloth CPAP masks are designed to be gentle on the skin and relieving skin irritation caused by traditional CPAP masks. The “balloon” action that the CPAP cloth mask creates makes a limited skin contact with the face to keep air within the CPAP mask sealed, as opposed to other traditional CPAP masks which require a tight fitting.

The SleepWeaver CPAP masks also use gentle elastic headgear, designed to absorb sweat and moisture away from your face. This helps reduce the likelihood of overheating or sweating during therapy and keeps you comfortable and dry throughout your sleep therapy.

In addition to the amazing skin friendly benefits that the cloth SleepWeaver masks provide, the lightness of mask make them an ideal travel CPAP mask and the breathable fabric wicks away moisture leaving your skin dry—even when with your CPAP humidification unit!

14-Night Money-Back Guarantee

Circadiance is also one of the only CPAP mask manufacturers to offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. That means you can purchase a SleepWeaver mask, try it for 14 nights, and if you don't like it for any reason, you can return it for a full refund (less cost of shipping and handling fee).

Having read the benefits of the SleepWeaver mask, now it is time to consider your personality, lifestyle, and your sleeping habits to select an ideal SleepWeaver mask for YOU!

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I want a forehead strap that allows me to enjoy that feeling of extra security?
  2. Do I feel claustrophobic when I put on a CPAP mask?
  3. Do I get CPAP strap lines easily?
  4. Do I wear my prescription glasses for some bedtime reading or to watch TV?
  5. Do I have a beard?
  6. Do I want my PAP mask to be “fun” and do I enjoy wearing a CPAP mask with colour?
  7. Am I a mouth breather? (in this case you may need to wear a full-face CPAP mask or a nasal CPAP mask with chin strap.)

Once you have asked yourself these questions, delve into the product line of SleepWeaver masks below to determine your best fit!

SLEEPWEAVER ADVANCE (3 Advance Nasal CPAP Mask Styles)


• The Sleepweaver Advance has a 3-point strap headgear (a forehead strap and 2 ‘under the ear’ straps) if you prefer the that feeling of extra security.
• The Advance CPAP mask covers your nose completely—from the bridge of the nose to under the nares.
• The Advance mask weighs 1.155 ounces!
• These CPAP masks come in fun colors and prints: Blue, Beige, Pink, Camo and Leopard!


• The SleepWeaver Advance small mask is designed for patients with a petite head and facial features who would also enjoy a forehead strap.
• The Advance Small design has an fantastic fit if you have a flat nasal bridge.
• The Advance Small has an innovative interior seal under the nares that adds more comfort and provides an incredible seal!
• Mask fits any person weighing over 66 pounds
• Advance Small weighs only 1.130 ounces!
• The Advance Small mask cushion is available in a Beige colour only.


• Designed and FDA cleared for kids between the ages of 2 to 7 years.
• Mask design is so minimal that it allows the child to not feel claustrophobic
• Comes in one color: Blue
• Includes a soft seal under the nares that creates an almost instant seal
• Parents or carers can easily help the child learn to put the mask on independently
• The unique 5 point headgear can ‘grow’ with the child
• The Advance Paediatric nasal mask is lightweight and weighs under one ounce (0.965)

SleepWeaver ELAN Nasal Mask

  • SleepWeaver Elan comes in three sizes (Small, Regular and Large)
    • There is also a STARTER KIT option which includes: small, medium and large mask cushions in blue, 1 x Headgear, 1 x featherweight CPAP tubing, 1 x Tether strap.
    When you choose the ELAN STARTER KIT, you have the convenience of trying all three mask cushions to determine the BEST fit)
    • The SleepWeaver Elan sits low on the nose.
    • The SleepWeaver Elan has a wide-open forehead for visual freedom with 4 side straps. This is great if you read and watch TV before bedtime or wear glasses.
    • Elan is lightweight – weighing only 1.505 ounces!
    • Replacement CPAP Mask cushions are available to extend the life of your Elan CPAP mask.
    • To determine the size of Elan CPAP mask only one measurement is necessary: measure the width of your nares from outside nose to outside nose. A mask sizing guide is provided on each SleepWeaver product page under the mask fitting tab.

  • SleepWeaver 3D Nasal CPAP Mask
  • The SleepWeaver 3D Nasal Mask has an open field of vision
    • 4 headgear straps above and under the ears
    • The headgear design allows for the base of the neck to be free of any headgear straps
    • The new elastic interface material creates an amazing seal
    • AMAZING comfort and ease of wearing

  • SLEEPWEAVER ANEW Full-Face CPAP MaskLightest full face mask on the market
    • Complete visual freedom and ability to wear prescription glasses
    • Comes in three sizes CPAP mask cushions: Small, Regular and Large
    • Two simple measurements: 1) under the nostrils and 2) from the middle of the bridge of the nose to middle of chin
    • Dual chamber individually seals the nose and the mouth
    • Most unobtrusive full face mask on the market

  • Most importantly, the SleepWeaver Cloth CPAP Mask range including the replacement CPAP Masks parts are relatively inexpensive when compared to other CPAP masks.

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