HygiMed Nimbus N95 Respirator Face Mask with Silicon Seal


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HygiMed Nimbus N95 Respirator Face Mask with 360° silicon seal

The KN95 Nimbus Respirator mask is a flagship face mask by HygiMed that has outperformed other N95 disposable respirator masks including P2/KN95/N95/D95 face masks in fitting and seal tests. The Nimbus N95 Respirator mask are superior than any P2/N95 surgical masks that are currently in use throughout Australia.

The N95 Nimbus Mask been designed with the patented circumferential medical grade soft silicone cushion, offering a 360-degree respiratory protection through a completely secure fit while also providing added comfort for extended use. HygiMed Nimbus N95 face mask has been fit tested and is currently been endorsed by several prominent physicians throughout Australia.

Suitable For: Frontline workers, Allied Health Professionals, community care providers, general practitioners, hospital and medical centers, emergency rooms, ICU and trauma areas, areas with high-risk of fluid splash, infectious disease testing.

Nimbus N95 Mask Features

  • Australian patented design
  • TGA Registered |NIOSH approved
  • Available in medium and large.
  • Meets performance requirements of AS/NZ 1716:2012
  • Disposable, non-sterile N95 respirator face mask
  • Four-point adjustable soft stretch straps for a customised fit, and increased comfort over long shifts.
  • Soft silicon seal on the Nimbus95 respirator provides high level of protection from air leaks, the mask expands with air volume to create a natural comfortable suction seal against your face.
  • Medical-grade silicone seal is tested and approved for sensitive skin.
  • The soft silicon forms a tight, comfortable seal over the mouth and nose, with polyester elastic ear-loops for a secure seal.
  • 7 layers of fabric offering superior protection.
  • Wearable for up to 8 hours
  • Mask are vented helping lower mask air temperature, moisture, and expiratory resistance.
  • Nose clip can be moulded to fit the wearers nose shape and helps reduce eyewear fogging.
  • Does not contain natural rubber latex.

Material: Four-layer, non-woven, high filtration fabric, with plastic shield and metal nose piece.

Packaging details: Units per carton: 300 | Pieces per box: 10pcs. | Carton Gross weight: 8.2 kgs | Shelf life: 2 years

For wholesale orders, contact BMedical Sales at or call 1300 767 279.

Donning the NimbusN95 Respirator Face Mask

Step 1: Perform hand hygiene before applying a mask.

Step 2: Place the Nimbus N95 respirator over your face with the nose clip at the top, silicone seal facing towards you and the straps in front of the mask.

Step 3: Pull the lower head strap over the head and around the base of your neck.

Step 4: Pull the upper elastic band over the head and place it around the crown of your head.

Step 5: Adjust the Nimbus N95 respirator by pulling the mask gently down so the silicone seal becomes visible on top of the mask and seals closer to your nose.

Step 6: Adjust the upper and lower head straps to fit your head.

Step 7: Perform a fit test.


Available in Medium and Large sizes

Fit Testing the Nimbus N95 Respirator

To fit-test the mask, gently inhale and exhale several times to check for any air leakage. The mask should collapse slightly on inhalation and expand slightly on exhalation. You should feel no air leakage around the mask. Readjust the fit as required, repeating the donning instructions until you achieve the best fit.

✔ Nimbus95 Mask is firmly positioned under the chin.
✔ Mask is fitted across the bridge of nose and cheekbones.
✔ Head straps are positioned at the base of neck and on crown of head.
✔ Glasses are not fogging.
✔ Nimbus N95 Mask is not expanding/collapsing on exhalation/inhalation.

Please be advised that the NimbusN95 is a single use P2 surgical respirator, therefore not reusable.

Doffing the NimbusN95 Respirator Mask

Perform hand hygiene. Holding the front of the mask, pull the lower and upper head straps over your head and discards into the bin.

How to wear and fit check a HygiMed Nimbus N95 Respirator Mask

The NimbusN95 instructional videos below provide fitting instructions to ensure users have adequate fit-check knowledge of how to don the NimbusN95 mask and achieve an effective seal.

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