Level 3 Tieback Procedure Face Mask with Visor


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Level 3 Tieback Surgical Mask with Visor

The Level 3 tieback surgical masks with visor provides maximum barrier protection for any situation that has the potential for exposure to heavy levels of aerosols, sprays and fluids.  These Level 3 masks feature an ultra-soft inner layer that is non-abrasive to the skin and meets the bacterial and particulate protection in industrial or healthcare applications. Meets the highest performance requirements established by the Australian standards.


  • 4-layer mask construction offering healthcare workers superior comfort.
  • Anti-fog foam strip beneath the nose bridge for added comfort. 
  • Anti- fog treatment on the visor
  • Designed for fluid protection with a fluid resistance of 160mmHg. [The higher the pressure at which a mask passes, the greater the fluid resistance]
  • Filtration efficiency: BFE ≥ 99% and PFE ≥ 98% @ 0.1 micron. [The higher the BFE, the better the filtration efficiency, the better the protection]
  • Breathability – Delta P: <5.0mm H2O/cm2. [The lower the delta P, the more breathable the material is.]
  • Disposable single-use only.

Product Standards: AS 4381:2015 Level 3 | ASTM F-2100 Level 3 |TGA Registered

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