Optipillows EPAP Mask for Snoring and Mild - Moderate OSA



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OptiPillows EPAP Mask for Snoring and Mild-Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

OptiPillows is a reusable anti-snoring EPAP (Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure) nasal mask for treatment of snoring and mild-moderate OSA.

The mask eliminates the need for tubing, a CPAP machine, or a power supply!

The OptiPillows EPAP mask consists of a nasal pillow type mask with head straps and with a proprietary micro valve on the front of it. The OptiPillows mask allows inhalation with minimal resistance, but with more resistance during exhalation causing the pressure to be elevated. The expiratory resistance can be adjusted according to patient’s comfort. The new EPAP mask is secured in place against the nostrils using light and comfortable head straps that can be adjusted to provide comfort while providing a seal against the nostrils. For treatment of snoring a low level of expiratory resistance may be sufficient.

OptiPillows EPAP Mask allows you to adjust the resistance to find your initial comfort level and gradually increase the resistance from that point until snoring is eliminated.

Please consult with your physician to see if OptiPillows Pillow EPAP Mask is right for you.


  • Does not require a power supply
  • Designed and manufactured in USA
  • Does not need to be connected to a CPAP machine
  • Adjustable expiratory resistance below Theravent and above Provent.
  • Low inspiratory resistance
  • Easy to use and reusable, lasting for upto 6 to 12 month.
  • No Prescription Required
  • Ideal for Traveling and Camping: Approved for In-Flight Use
  • FDA cleared

How does the OptiPillows EPAP mask work?

During inhalation, the valve opens allowing you to breathe in easily. When you exhale, the valve closes and redirects the expired air through a narrow opening on the side of the valve. This creates Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP) in the mouth which helps keep the upper airways open and prevents snoring and sleep apnea. For better experience, expiratory pressure can be adjusted by rotating the patented valve sleeve to change expiratory resistance.

How much pressure is generated through the OptiPillows EPAP Mask?

The pressure during exhalation can be adjusted by rotating the patented sleeve valve to close or open the side resistance.

  • With resistance fully open, it generates 1 to 3 cmH2O of pressure.
  • With resistance 50% closed, it generates 3 to 7 cmH2O of pressure.​ (similar resistance to Theravent Regular)
  • With resistance 75% closed, it generates 8 to 14 cmH2O of pressure.
  • With resistance 100% closed the pressure is above Provent

How to Acclimate to Your New OptiPIllows Nasal EPAP Pillow Mask?

Like other snoring devices, it may take a few days to become acclimated to the OptiPillows EPAP mask. Sleep may be disturbed the first night or two.

  • Use the lowest resistance setting during the initial days.
  • Increase the resistance only after you are used to it and can fall asleep without problems. The OptiPillows mask generates up to 15 cmH2O pressure when breathing out.

When you start using the OptiPillows EPAP mask, keep the expiratory resistance open wide until you get acclimated. Practice using the mask during the day. It is recommended to use the mask with minimal expiratory resistance until you become fully comfortable sleeping with the mask. Once you are fully comfortable with OptiPillows, close the expiratory resistance about halfway and use it for a night. Then gradually increase or decrease the resistance until you find the best resistance and you will begin to sleep well without difficulty. It is possible that some people will not be able to fall asleep the first time they try it. If that happens, just take it off and get some sleep without it. This may occur for 1-2 weeks until you become accustomed to wearing the device but will feel less invasive through consistent use.

What's included in the Box:

  • Headgear
  • 3 sizes of OptiPillows Nasal Pillows (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Patented Plastic Valve
  • Instruction manual

How to Clean the OptiPillows EPAP mask?

To avoid skin irritation, do not use harsh chemicals or sprays on the OptiPillows. Instead, gently hand wash the OptiPillows in lukewarm water with mild soap. Be sure to let your OptiPillows air dry before use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is an OptiPillows EPAP Mask?

The Optipillows EPAP Mask is an EPAP device integrated onto a nasal pillow mask. It looks like a nasal pillow CPAP mask but does not require a CPAP machine. Optipillows EPAP Mask is a nasal mask that generates positive pressure during exhalation.

2. How does the OptiPillows work?

OptiPillows EPAP Mask allows you to inhale easily with minimal resistance, but during exhalation, the air is directed through a narrow side opening, creating back pressure in the nose and mouth, preventing upper airway collapse. The size of the side opening can be adjusted to change the pressure for more comfort. Start using the mask with the side opening wide open, and close it only after you feel comfortable and begin to fall asleep as usual.

3. Is Optipillows right for me?

There is clinical evidence that EPAP devices are safe and effective for use during sleep. Optipillows EPAP Mask may be a solution for your snoring. It is the only adjustable EPAP device on the market, allowing you to select the level of pressure that is right for them. It is also very comfortable. Like other EPAP devices, it may take a few nights to get used to it. If you cannot fall asleep, take it off. It will become easier and easier after each night.

4. How is EPAP different from CPAP?

CPAP provides continuous positive airway pressure throughout the breathing cycle. In contrast, OptiPillows EPAP mask provides positive pressure only during the expiratory phase of the breathing cycle.

5. How is Optipillows different from Theravent Snoring Strips?

Both use expiratory resistance technology, but Optipillows EPAP mask is reusable, and easy to wear. Furthermore, Optipillows EPAP mask has an adjustable expiratory resistance. In contrast, Theravent is disposable after one nights use and has a fixed expiratory resistance.

6. Can Optipillows replace my CPAP machine?

Optipillows EPAP mask is intended for use to treat snoring. For those with severe obstructive sleep apnea, it will not replace your CPAP. However, during travel, some CPAP users don’t like to carry their CPAP machine with them. In such cases, one can use the Optipillows EPAP mask as another option.

7. Can I use Optipillows EPAP Mask during travel?

Optipillows EPAP mask is ideal for use during travel. You can store it in your pocket to use anytime, such as during flight or camping. No power supply is needed.

8. I have severe OSA. Is it safe to use Optipillows?

Optipillows is cleared only for alleviation of snoring, and it generates pressures between 1 to 15 cmH2O to help alleviate upper airway obstruction and snoring. One needs to try it to see if it helps.

9. I have central sleep apnea, can I use Optipillows?

Patients with central sleep apnea should rely on their CPAP machines and should adhere to their prescribed therapy.

10. How often should I replace my Optipillows?

We recommend changing it each year, just like you would do with a CPAP mask. Daily cleaning isimportant to preserve the life of the mask.

11. I open my mouth sometimes. Is that a problem?

Opening the mouth occasionally isn't a problem, you may experience a dry mouth when learning to use causes dryness because of the high volume of air flowing through the use OptiPillow if you breathe more through your mouth than you normally do.

12. How to wear Optipillows EPAP Mask?

Carefully follow the instructions on the insert that comes with your Optipillows. Make sure you have the proper size nasal pillows. Optipillows comes with three sizes: small, medium, and large (indicated by a clear stamp on the side of the pillows) and comes assembled with the medium size. Make sure the buckle is on top of the head with the writing “EPAP Mask’ against the head. Make sure the pillows are attached to the valve properly with the “Up” stamp closest to the tip of the nose.


Notice: While using the OptiPillows EPAP mask , your mouth must remain closed for the Optipillows mask to work. Opening the mouth occasionally is acceptable. When you are awake, you maybe inclined to open your mouth as you feel the pressure building up. This is normal and is not likely to occur during sleep because you would not be aware of the pressure build up.
The EPAP mask works for someone with mild sleep disordered breathing such as snoring. It does not work for those with central sleep apnea, needing to use a full-face CPAP mask, or those who need a BIPAP machine.


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