With your CPAP therapy, you have a choice of masks to use. You can pick any of the styles based on your comfort preference, sleeping habits and recommendations from your specialist. HomeMed has a wide range of BMC CPAP Masks including BMC full face masks, BMC nasal masks, BMC pillow nasal mask or SleepWeaver Soft Cloth CPAP Masks. A full face mask covers both your nose and your mouth completely. There are two types of nasal masks: one that covers your nose completely, or pillow mask that rests on your nostrils. 

The BMC P2 pillow is the least obtrusive type of sleep apnea mask. If you like to read, watch TV, or browse your phone in bed, the nasal pillow interface may be right for you. We recommend first-time CPAP users to try the BMC P2 Nasal pillow to get comfortable with the idea of sleeping with pressurized air gently flowing through the nares. If you are a mouth breather, a full face CPAP mask can prevent the air from leaking through your mouth. Full face CPAP masks also are regarded as more comfortable than other masks because they deliver air to both the nose and the mouth, preventing dryness. Nasal masks are great for nose breathers, side sleepers, and those who move around a lot when they sleep. A nasal CPAP mask typically covers the area from the bridge of the nose to the upper lip.

You can narrow down your selection by using the product filters from the left hand column. If you are looking for something but can't find it, please contact us at 1300 767 279 to talk to one of our product specialists who can recommend an option for you to try.