Hushd Temporary Device & SleepCare App

Developed by the Good Sleep Co, the hushd temporary oral device allows users to trial a CPAP alternative with the support of a local sleep dentist. The SleepCare patient
app is used alongside the hushd device for the duration of the trial and connects users with a local sleep dentist to discuss trial results and long-term device options.

Oral sleep devices  deliver similar health outcomes to CPAPs in mild to moderate sleep apnea and they can also be a great option for travel as they don’t require power.

To get started with the hushd device, download the SleepCare app and watch a short video tutorial. The hushd device uses the “boil and bite” method which is simple
and easy to fit.

Patient App

The SleepCare patient app is used alongside both the hushd temporary and long-term devices.

Available for iOs and Android, the SleepCare app offers:

  • Instruction videos for hushd products
  • Ability to manage clinic bookings with a local sleep dentist
  • Sleep hygiene tips


For wholesale/dealer inquiries please contact or call 1300 767 279.